At Campus Books, we are dedicated to operating our business sustainably and responsibly. We believe that as a company, we have an obligation to minimise our environmental impact and contribute positively to our community. Campus Books takes several steps to reduce waste and reuse materials in our own operations. We recycle cardboard shipping materials and reuse cartons when possible, and we aim to minimise our use of plastics across our business. We are also proud to use AS Colour clothing. AS Colour is an NZ brand with a commitment to social responsibility as a member of several initiatives aimed at improving working conditions, supporting women's empowerment, and reducing the textile industry's environmental impact. These include the Amfori Business Social Compliance Initiative, Better Cotton Initiative, Reemi, OEKO-TEX® Standard 100, CarbonClick, and Upparel. By partnering with brands like AS Colour and taking action to reduce waste in our stores and warehouse, we hope to do our part in building a greener, more responsible retail experience.